Pastoral Musings

At one point in time, during my discernment towards becoming a Pastor, I remember thinking how cool it would be to be able to struggle with faith and the Bible as a part of a job!  Granted, being a pastor carries with it much more than that – and, truth be told, being a pastor is much more than simply a job – but the struggling and thinking about faith and the Bible is one of the elements of being a pastor that I truly enjoy.  I know (having been there myself) that having full-time jobs, friends, and busy lives doesn’t exactly allow for the kind of thought that Pastor’s are required to put into biblical texts and faith issues.  In other words, I know that many people don’t take the time to study the bible as much as perhaps they might like.  Knowing that, I will periodically offer some of my own musings on these topics here – through the medium of our website.  I hope that you find them interesting, maybe challenging and perhaps even helpful amongst all of the demands of life.  In any case, periodically I’ll be posting thoughts, comments and other insights that I may have and I hope you find them useful.  

Wishing you peace and joy.   Pastor Derek Harman

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