Farewell to Pastor ‘Rudy’ Beyer

October 19, 2008

Many friends of Grace’s former pastor, Louis ‘Rudy’ Beyer attended a special service, ‘A Celebration of All Ministry’ held at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Amherst, MA. Representatives of several faiths cooperated to create this unique service and a fitting tribute to Pastor Beyer upon his retirement. Pastor Beyer has a unique way of bringing people together and this service served as yet another example.

In 1990, Pastor Beyer was “instrumental” in the formation of Grace’s original guitar chorus which later became known as ‘The Bluebirds’. Three members of ‘The Bluebirds’ currently carry on as members of the ‘Back Row Band’ which supplied the preservice music for the event.

A reception in Rudy’s honor followed the service and several members of Grace were there to wish he and Judy well. Louise Flemming, ever ready with poems for all occasions, recited one she’d written just for Rudy. Others spoke in glowing terms of the man that many members of Grace Lutheran fondly refer to as Rudy.

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