Fall 2011 Bible study series begins Sept. 13

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t quite understand the parables on the Kingdom of Heaven? Or like you’re missing the full meaning of the Sermon on the Mount? Have you ever wondered how the disciples would have understood Jesus’ actions during the Last Supper?

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011, there will be a bible study using the book “Sitting at the feet of Rabi Jesus”. The 90-minute studies, which begin at 6:00 pm, will run for 11 weeks.

Carol Goulet, the leader of the group, states, “I’ve read the Gospels and read many books about what life was like in Biblical times. Frankly, I didn’t realize how much I was missing by not understanding the rabbinic teaching styles of the time. Despite my study, most of this information was new. This book opened up my understanding of the Gospels by allowing me to see the deeper, richer meaning that would have been understood by the Jewish audiences of Jesus’ day.”

The book consists of general cultural notes alternated with using that new knowledge to examine specific Gospel passages. However, this book isn’t just an intellectual exercise–it’ll have you digging into your Bible with new enthusiasm and will deepen your walk with God.

There will be copies of the book available at a cost of $11.00; if you have questions please see Carol at church, via phone 733-7643, and email at carolalmb@comcast.net.

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