Message from Pastor Harman: Support peace with a piece of our Garden

Pastor Derek Harman

Recently, with the tornado recovery efforts going on around town, I’ve been to several meetings with community members that know of our church, but have never met me.

In the process of meeting these people, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been introduced (or introduced myself) and had people say, “Oh, yeah! You’re the church that planeted the peace pole out in front! That was awesome!”

Well, we’re about to do one better by completing our peace pole project by installing our peace garden to go with it.

I hope you’ve noticed the display in Jung Hall, but if you haven’t, you have an opportunity to be a part of that “awesome” peace garden. Take a moment to find your favorite plant or think about supporting the project by purchasing some of the stone walkway or even a bench!

Sign up today and make your donation to help us make this special place of peace a reality in our community. Make check out to Grace Lutheran Church with the words “Peace Garden” in the memo and make sure to put your name next to whatever it is you’d like to purchase toward the project. Anonymous donations are welcome as well.

We are making a profound impact and a profound statement in our community with this garden. I encourage you to be a part of it!

Pastor Harman

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