Congregational budget meeting set for Nov. 20

Dear fellow members of Grace,

Join us on Sunday, November 20, 2011, for our annual Congregational Budget Meeting. We will be meeting after worship for discussion of the upcoming 2012 budget.  It will be an opportunity for us to look forward to what I believe, with God’s help, to be an exciting year in the life of our congregation.

At that time we will also be looking at our Mission Endowment Fund.  Be thinking about organizations for us to supports with this year’s distribution.  The three categories for consideration are groups or organizations working locally, regionally and internationally. This was an exciting part of last year’s meeting; our discussion provided us with three new ways of supporting God’s work in this world in 2010. Join in this year’s discussion; share your thoughts; are there other groups or organizations that we can support this year?

Please join us in these two very important discussions November 20.  This is God’s church but he has made us all stewards of it.  Come and be a faithful steward with what God has provided.

Yours in Christ,

Carol A. Goulet
Council President

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