News: New website features and updates

Spring is a time for change and renewal, and in celebration of the arrival of spring, we have introduced several exciting changes here at

  • We have introduced a new website design template. Our fresh look features a larger banner image, a reorganized left-hand sidebar with many useful links and news feeds, and more white space to enhance the site’s overall readability.
  • We are excited to roll out a new online calendar. Embedded right into our site, the calendar serves as the new master calendar for the church, listing all upcoming events in a convenient format that’s accessible to anyone via the Web.
  • We also updated several pages on our site, including our About Us page, which now features our mission statement and guiding values, and our Directions to Grace Lutheran Church page, which features a fresh new interactive map (provided by Google) to make it easier to find your way to our church.

We hope you enjoy these changes, and look for more in the near future. As always feedback can be directed to God bless!

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