New Bible study series: ‘The Greatest Story – Jesus and the Four Gospels’


Grace Lutheran Church West Springfield is pleased to announced this week begins a new Bible study series examining the life of Jesus from the perspectives of the four Gospels.

Beginning this Tuesday, April 10, 2012, at 6:00 p.m., this 90-minute study will meet for the next 16 weeks and not only study the “big picture” of the four Gospels, but will also explore the journey of the story of Jesus, from His birth through His ministry, along the dark path of trials and crucifixion and into the bright light of Easter morning.

As we walk this journey we will also participate in Jesus’ life, not just in our heads but in our whole lives. Through story telling, visual sand art presentations, worship songs and creative events that reach imagination and spirit. Along with the life-based questions in each session guide, these activities will help take the conversation off the page and into our lives.

The participant guide is $15.00; a limited supply are on hand; those wishing to attend the series or those who have any questions may contact Carol at 733-7645 or via email at

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