Worship and music

Grace Lutheran Church offers two regular weekly worship services:

Wednesday: 5:30 PM
Sunday 9:30 AM

Grace Lutheran Church - View from Westfield St.
Each service includes lessons, gospel, sermon, Holy Communion and a number of hymns.

Though most worship services are essentially the same, Grace offers a unique blend of musical styles that alternate from week to week. One week will feature the traditional Lutheran hymns sung to the music of our pipe organ and often accompanied by flute, piano and/or trumpet. This service is a sung liturgy from either the Lutheran Book of Worship, “With One Voice” and Marty Haugen’s “Now the Feast and Celebration”.

The second musical offering features the music stylings of Grace’s own “Back Row Band” with guitars, keyboard, mandolin and five vocalists. The BRB performs several original pieces as well as putting their own spin on many favorites from our hymnals.

Holy Communion is offered at all services.

Holden evening prayers: On Wednesday evenings in Advent and Lent, we hold a beautiful musical vespers prayer service, with candle light, chant and witness from our community.

For the most up to date information on our services, please visit our Facebook page and look at the most recent Sunday bulletin in our timeline. You’ll find additional information near the end of the bulletin. Use the following link to access Our ‘Grace Lutheran Church West Springfield’ Facebook page now:

Music of Grace
Grace has an eleven-rank, two manual pipe organ from the Zimmer and Sons Organ Co. of North Carolina, installed in 1983.  It has electro-pneumatic action with the console in front of the sanctuary. The pipes and swell division installed on the rear sanctuary wall.

Our services are filled with a mix of not only traditional Lutheran hymns, but also other popular Christian music and original songs, played to either a contemporary beat or accompanied by a traditional pipe organ and choir.

Some worship services feature our own “Back Row Band,” a five-member combo featuring guitars, mandolin and keyboard. The Back Row Band, first formed in 1999 and has undergone some changes over the years so what you see here is not necessarily what you’ll see today.


The Back Row Band has recorded two CDs.

Grace also features traditional Lutheran music and hymns led by our multi-talented organist and choir director, Martha.

Christmas Grace Album CoverThe traditional music emanates from our pipe organ and often features accompaniment of flute, piano, trumpet and clarinet not to mention a choir.

Songs of GraceTo hear a sampler of the Back Row Band’s CD, ‘Christmas Grace’ on YouTube.com, click the image below. The sampler is about two and a half minuter and features four short samples from the CD and a slideshow of the band.