Pastor John


Pastor John may be reached through the church office or via email at

Greetings from Grace Lutheran Church!

I hope you will find all the information you need about our church on this website. Grace Lutheran continues to be an active, mission-oriented community, seeking ways to serve the poor, the sick, the lonely and those who feel no welcome. Our attitude is this: life is difficult enough in our culture without churches making it even more difficult for people to find a place where they can feel at home and safe.

Everyone is welcome at Grace Lutheran. There are no “hoops” to jump through to be part of our community. Anyone who is seeking God in their life can find ways to connect to the Creator in this place of Grace. We believe that every human person is a son or daughter of God, no matter what we may have done, no matter how much guilt, shame or pain we may have as our baggage. We believe that God does not want to lose any of us and wants us to stay still, every so often, so that the Spirit can touch us and make us feel whole again.

So, we invite you to worship with us, study scripture with us, serve the needy with us, socialize and have fun with us, and perhaps, just perhaps, God will touch your heart!

Pastor John

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